ATHENA_imágen_alta_1 FINAL(resolució 1000×1000) copia
ATHENA_imágen_alta_1 FINAL(resolució 1000×1000) copia


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Athena is a complete collection of seats and desks for classrooms in schools and universities that stands out for its functionality, as it allows perfect adaptation to each project thanks to the wide range of possibilities it offers in terms of dimensions, different types of desks and finishes.

The Athena system is based on the arrangement of vertical uprights with feet for fixing to the floor, which act at the same time as a support for the seat, backrest and writing desk, allowing the set of these 3 elements with the folded seat to maintain large passage areas.
Its upholstered seat and backrest cushions make this model ideal for those educational centres where extra comfort is required, guaranteeing correct postural support during the long periods in which the pupil is seated on it.

With a width between axes that can vary between 48.5 and 56 cm, the height of the backrest is 87 cm for the correct support of the pupil’s back. The depth of the seat when folded is only 26.5 cm.

Fixed to 2 lateral ball-and-socket joints, its folding movement when the pupil stands up is smooth and silent. Automatic movement by counterweight system, no maintenance, and no possibility of finger entrapment.
The writing desk can be fixed and continuous, or individual and folding. The dimensions of these shall be adapted to each project. The minimum depth of the fixed envelope shall be 300 mm.

Due to its versatility in terms of dimensions and finishes, it is a product that adapts perfectly to any type of educational installation in schools and universities, making it possible to optimise the space available in each case.
It can be installed in classrooms with flat, sloping or tiered floors, and in layouts with straight or curved rows.
The structure of the desk can be prepared for the passage of the necessary cabling so that connections can be arranged in the table tops.

This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, to guarantee the closing of the materials cycle, each and every one of the elements used in its manufacture can be recycled separately, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

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