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Opus is Ferco’s most recent addition to its Premium range. A product designed and built to offer the user the highest level of comfort, in a seat that incorporates the innovative “glide” system. This mechanism responds to the sliding of the spectator, in a movement that is carried out effortlessly and without the need for motorization, placing the spectator in the most comfortable position at all times, while maintaining lumbar support.

A seat designed with ergonomic criteria in which the shapes of the seat and backrest adapt perfectly to each part of the body, thanks to the materials used in the manufacture of the seat, backrest, and headrest, in which variable density polyurethane foams are used and in which polyurethane and polyester are mixed.

Designed for installation in movie theaters, conference rooms, or VIP spaces that require a high-performance product in terms of size and comfort, in which a wide range of accessories and complements can be incorporated to meet the customer’s needs.

A seat of generous dimensions, with a width between axes that can vary between 58.5 cm. and 61 cm and with a variable height between 94 and 100 cm. All this with the intention that this model can be adapted in the best way to each project.
A product of easy maintenance, thanks to the ease of exchange of each of its components, and in which the textile covers are removable.
It can be assembled with a central foot, with lateral feet to the floor, with single or double seats, with fixed or folding armrests.
It can also be installed in layouts with straight rows or curved rows.
The versatility that characterizes its design allows the OPUS model to grow in features with the incorporation of several complements:

– Coasters incorporated in the armrest.
– Swivel tables.
– Swivel tables with integrated coasters.
– USB connectors for cell phone charging
– Custom stitching
– Embroidery on seat and backrest.

This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, to ensure the closing of the materials cycle, each and every element used in its manufacture can be recycled separately, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

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